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Gift Guide for Women in your Life

Gift Guide for Women in your Life

With Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week coming up, I wanted to devote this post to giving a gift to a woman. I know many of us struggle with trying to find an appropriate gift to give special people in our lives. The first step in knowing what to give someone is to listen and observe who they are, what they like to do, and what they really want. When you give someone a gift of something they have expressed a desire for, it goes a long way in showing how much you care.

I know society says that there are big no-no’s, like giving a wife a domestic gift (i.e. vacuum cleaner, etc.). But I think the no-no is on a case-by-case basis, completely dependent on the individual woman. If I was obsessed with cleaning, and talked about a specific vacuum cleaner often, then gifting that specific vacuum cleaner might be perfectly fine. One caveat, occasions matter. Is the occasion Christmas? Or is it Valentine’s Day? Is there a specific expectation or sentiment attached to the occasion.

Do you have to buy a material gift? Can a gift of your time be enough? Not exactly. We women are complex beings. Variety is the spice of life. If you always give material gifts to your significant other, maybe you should opt for a gift of your time instead (i.e. accompanying her some place, lending a hand with something she needed help with, etc.) If you have always given a gift of your time but rarely give her something material, then head shopping! I really love Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages” that articulates this concept much better than I ever can. For a significant other, it is important to consider, “are you speaking the giftee’s love language?”

When we receive a gift, there is an instant implicit evaluation of the gift. Did the gift-giver spend time to select it? Does the gift reflect me? Does he/she know my taste? How much did it cost? Before buying a gift, take a moment to see what the gift will represent.

When it comes to gifts for women you are not romantically involved with, such as a mother, relative, co-worker, teacher, etc., the rule of “observe and listen” still applies. If that still leads you nowhere, I suggest gifting several small things together. Generally, perfume, jewelry, gift cards, chocolates, accessories, and books are great small gifts! Start with your budget and accumulate items to add up to the budget.

Pictured above is a gift I gave to my son’s teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week. After setting my budget, I sought to find the first gift. I found the scarf and I loved its colors and pattern. Using the scarf as a basis, I went through the store and found other small items with the same color, pattern, or general sentiment. The best thing about giving a grouping of gifts is you increase of your chances of giving a gift that the person really loves! Plus, they will appreciate the time and effort you took in going around and sourcing the items. Win!

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