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Adding the Old to Newborn Photography

A photographer skilled in newborn photography is integral to professional-looking photos of your precious bundle of joy. However, as a parent, you can play a part too! One way to add a special touch to the newborn photos is to incorporate your traditions, memories, or heritage into elements of the photo shoot. If you are […]

Say It With String

One of the art projects that garners the most response from family and friends is a trio of string art I made for my home.  The contrast of the rich-toned wood to the metallic silver string adds a contemporary yet eclectic touch to the space.  I loved the fact that I could customize the pieces to suit my family, as represented by our […]

Chai in Chennai Themed Brunch

Chai in Chennai Themed Brunch

It was only once I became a mom that I realized that most women, especially mothers, do not take much time for themselves. We are so preoccupied with taking care of our children, husbands, work and household matters, that we tend to place ourselves as a last priority. Out of this realization came a desire […]